Green electricity and using resources responsibly throughout are our top priorities

We aim to conserve energy and resources in all our business processes as far as possible. One of the key levers with which we can reduce our own carbon emissions is electricity consumption in our data centers. Our stated goal is to constantly improve our energy efficiency and contribute to climate and environmental protection. This also includes taking a responsible approach to old devices and packaging materials.

  • We have used electricity from renewable sources to run our data centers in Germany for over ten years now, so as to minimize our carbon emissions. Our international locations also use green electricity as their main source of power. And we have operated our global IONOS data centers climate-neutrally for years.

  • We use state-of-the-art energy management systems to continuously track, manage and, where possible, further optimize energy efficiency in our data centers.

  • In addition, we have made the proper disposal of old devices such as smartphones, routers, and other end-user equipment a priority. This is the only way to prevent environmental pollution. We work together with recycling specialists to extend the life of old devices and conserve resources.

  • All workflows in our logistics operations have been designed for efficiency. This also applies to the use of materials. We use packaging materials as efficiently as possible so as to minimize waste.

Online ESG Report 2023