With its focus on internet access and cloud applications, United Internet is well placed to exploit future opportunities and achieve sustainable growth

Our vision: to supply private users and companies with increasingly fast broadband connections and powerful cloud applications which can fully unlock the internet’s vast potential as a universal infrastructure for information, communication, entertainment, and e-business.

In addition to fiber-optic connections and fast mobile communications, our main growth drivers in the coming years will be the steadily growing market for cloud applications. We benefit here from our many years of expertise in software development and our strong marketing approach. The high scalability and exportability of our applications also offers us attractive international growth opportunities.

As an internet company with many years of market experience, one of our core competencies is to identify and systematically address customer needs, trends, and new markets at an early stage. We already have a high degree of vertical integration in our applications business – with our own products and data centers – and in our landline business with our own fiber-optic network. The next step is to increase the level of vertical integration in our mobile communications business over the coming years.

By establishing our own 5G mobile network, we will not only be less dependent on access to third-party networks in the long term, but will also be able to enhance our product efficiency and tap new business fields. We are excellently positioned for this new chapter as a network operator: we have a large customer base, well-known and popular brands, and access to one of Germany’s largest fiber-optic networks, as well as innovative cloud applications. This is the basis on which we are building Germany’s most advanced 5G network.