A transparent corporate culture and management approach, the secure handling of data, and the highest standards of product and service quality form the cornerstones of our corporate governance.


Compliance is more than just adherence to all laws and internal policies. We see it as the basis for trustworthy and responsible corporate governance. A high degree of integrity – “what we say is what we do” – is one of our top priorities. This includes open communication with our employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, and the public. In this way, we aim to promote and live a “culture of cooperation”.

  • Our compliance organization forms the umbrella for an holistic risk management system
  • All employees receive regular training and information on relevant legal requirements and rules of behavior
  • Local compliance managers in the various divisions are available at all times to provide advice, answer questions and make suggestions
  • As an integral part of our corporate culture, a common Code of Conduct provides guidance and creates a secure framework which applies equally to the Management Board, senior executives, managers, and all employees
  • We attach great importance to transparency. Providing our shareholders, customers, partners, and employees with prompt information on all relevant events at our company is much more than just a mandatory requirement for us

Data protection

We attach great importance to the protection of private data. In contrast to many foreign internet companies that scan the private e-mails of their users without consent for advertising purposes, for example, and forward or even sell their details without asking, as well as often storing IP addresses for years, our customers can be sure: their data is handled in accordance with the strict requirements of the German and European data protection laws. In other words: we stand for “Internet made in Germany”.

  • With cutting-edge technology – from encryption methods to sensitive login processes and secure payment systems – our internet services offer optimum web security
  • We operate our own high-performance data centers that are subject to Germany’s high security standards
  • We do not scan any private e-mails for advertising purposes without the user’s consent
  • Deleted data is also physically removed
  • Our Data Protection Officers continually monitor compliance with German and European data protection laws

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Product & Service quality

United Internet stands for innovative and customer-friendly quality products. Over 3,000 engineers and technicians accompany the development of our products from the first idea to their ultimate roll-out. We provide our customers with direct and uncomplicated support from qualified employees – whether by phone, e-mail, or social media. Our services regularly receive awards from independent media and institutes.

  • 1&1 offers its customers the best landline network – this is underlined by regular victories in the renowned landline test of “connect” magazine
  • Our software development is based on the latest methods and the highest quality standards – we regularly exchange know-how with leading international research institutes, such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • We live up to our service promise – as demonstrated by 1&1’s regular overall victories in “connect” magazine’s customer satisfaction surveys
  • The competent and friendly contact partners of our customer hotlines receive regular training and are available 24/7 – generally free of charge
  • We also offer personal customer service for our free internet services, such as FreeMail, for which other providers generally provide no individual support