Management Board

The Management Board of United Internet AG consists of three persons: Ralph Dommermuth, Frank Krause, and Jan Oetjen.

Ralph Dommermuth
CEO since 1988

Ralph Dommermuth laid the foundation for today’s United Internet AG with the formation in 1988 of 1&1 Marketing GmbH. He originally offered systemized marketing services for smaller software suppliers. He later developed additional marketing services for major clients, such as IBM, Compaq and Deutsche Telekom. With the growing professionalization of the internet, these marketing services for third parties were gradually reduced and the company offered its own internet services. In 1998 the qualified banker took 1&1 to the stock exchange. It was the first IPO of an internet company in Germany. In 2000, Dommermuth restructured 1&1 as United Internet AG.

Frank Krause
CFO since 2015

Frank Krause has been a member of the Management Board of United Internet AG since 2015 and responsible for Finance and Controlling, Risk Management/Internal Audit, Investment Management and Human Resources. Frank Krause has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. In his last position, he was a member of the Management Board of Vodafone Germany with responsibility for Strategy & Corporate Development.

Jan Oetjen
Member of the Management Board for Consumer Applications since 2014

Jan Oetjen joined the United Internet Group in October 2008 and has since been responsible for the Mail and Portal businesses of the brands WEB.DE and GMX. Under his leadership, United Internet acquired the portal in 2010. He also headed the Group’s launch of De-Mail services in 2013 as well as the security initiative “E-Mail made in Germany” in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom.