Doing business sustainably is a part of what we do every day. The reason is simple – we have a particular responsibility here as a listed company with approx. 68 million users and 11,000 employees.

For us, sustainability is a key building block of our company’s long-term, ongoing success. For example, we can only persuade customers to stay loyal to us and our products over time if they are satisfied. This is why customer feedback and satisfaction are particularly critical for us – and why we aim to provide them with compelling products and services. We also want to be a fair and reliable partner for our employees and for our large number of service providers and suppliers as well. We have defined dedicated action areas for this and pay special attention to them.

Corporate Digital Responsibility

Digitalization is having more and more of an impact on what is happening in our lives and in society as a whole. As an internet specialist, we are aware of our responsibility in this area, and our offerings and solutions aim to provide as many people as possible with access to, and open up the opportunities associated with, the digital world. At the same time, data protection, security, and reliability are top priorities.

United Internet as an Employer

As an employer, we operate in a dynamic, fast-growing, and highly innovative environment. We aim to be a fair, open, and attractive employer and to challenge and encourage our employees to grow, both professionally and personally.

Climate and environmental Protection

As an internet specialist, we base our offering on our fiber optic network infrastructure and our 19 high-performance data centers. The latter consume an enormous amount of energy. We aim to keep carbon emissions to a minimum, and hence contribute to climate protection, by using resources efficiently.

Our social Commitment

Our business and economic success ensures the future of more than our Company and our staff. We share our success with others and are actively engaged in a number of different areas. In particular, our United Internet for UNICEF foundation supports projects run by the United Nations Children's Fund around the world.

Our Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, the UN member states resolved a total of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) designed to make our planet a better place to live in by 2030.

As an internet company, we want to contribute to achieving these goals, and our sustainability strategy focuses on the following SDGs in particular.

Online ESG Report 2023