Fiber-optic connections, fast mobile communications, and cloud applications will drive our growth over the coming years

With the rapid increase in data usage, the demand for increasingly powerful internet access and innovative cloud applications is growing. We meet these ever-increasing demands with our broad range of cutting-edge internet products.

Gigabit landline speeds require fiber optics. And we have access to one of Germany’s largest fiber-optic networks. In addition, our partnerships with Deutsche Telekom and leading city carriers give us access to millions of fiber-optic home connections (FTTH) that we can supply with fast broadband. This enables us to play an active role in shaping the dynamic development in this field and to fully exploit our growth potential.

There is also a steady increase in demand for high-speed mobile connections and data volumes. With our own 5G infrastructure, we plan to offer Germany’s most advanced network for our mobile customers. The establishment of our own mobile network will not only give us long-term independence from third-party providers, but also enable us to tap new business fields and customer groups.

The growing availability of fast internet access also continues to drive demand for web-based applications. Cloud applications – for both end customers and enterprises – will remain one of our key growth drivers in the years ahead. With our many years of experience in developing applications and operating high-performance data centers, our proven and million-selling products, and the high scalability and exportability of internet applications, there are numerous growth opportunities for us to exploit in this field.