Internet made in germany

With around 9,450 employees, United Internet AG is a leading European internet specialist from Germany. In Germany alone, over 50 million users utilize the services from our brands as 1&1, Strato, yourfone, GMX and WEB.DE every month.

INTERNET MADE IN GERMANY offers our customers in Germany a high level of security and data protection and stands for product quality, reliability and availability.

  • Data Protection

    We attach great importance to the protection of private data. In contrast to many foreign internet firms that scan private e-mails without consent of their users for advertising purposes, for example, and forward or even sell their details without asking, and often store IP addresses for years, our customers can be sure: their data is handled in accordance with the strict requirements of Germany's data protection laws.

    • We operate our own high-performance data centers, subject to Germany's high security standards.
    • We do not scan any private e-mails for advertising purposes without the consent of our users.
    • Deleted data are also physically removed.
    • Our Data Protection Officers continually monitor compliance with German data protection laws.
  • Security

    We take high security standards as a given. They range from encryption methods during sensitive registration processes to our electronic payment system iPayment - certified according to the highest level of the security standard PCI DSS. Data centers, networks and critical applications are run in parallel and redundant operation, often even in geo-redundant operation at different locations.

    • Cutting-edge technology guarantees optimum security.
    • Redundant systems protect against system failures and data loss.
    • Permanent monitoring of over 100,000 operating parameters.
  • Active Consumer Protection

    Our applications offer protection against network dangers – enabling our customers to protect themselves effectively against viruses, spam or phishing mails. Our experts work closely together with state institutes and sector specialists to stop tricksters, spammers and data thieves.

    • Numerous security features, from automatic virus scanning of e-mail attachments to factory-set WLAN encryption to special security packages.
    • The "E-Mail made in Germany” initiative provides orientation as to where communication is being held via secure transmission paths and data are being processed according to strict German data privacy regulations. Secure recipient addresses are indicated by a green tick.
    • Special authentication and marking of commercial mails from partner firms as "safe". This enables our customers to see at a glance where the message really comes from.
    • With De-Mail, we offer a particularly reliable and legally secure communication system with state-certified security.
  • High-Tech products

    INTERNET MADE IN GERMANY stands for innovative and customer-friendly quality products. Around 3,000 engineers and technicians accompany the development of our products – from the first idea, to planning and realization to the final tests and version checks and finally in the day-to-day operations.

    • Software development according to the latest methods and the highest quality standards.
    • Know-how exchange with research institutes and universities, such as the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - one of the world's leading research institutes in the field of technology.
  • Transparency and Service

    INTERNET MADE IN GERMANY stands for the solidity and transparency of a German listed company.

    And for the safe knowledge that qualified staff is happy to answer your questions. Direct and uncomplicated customer service by telephone or e-mail, as well as via social media platforms, goes without saying for us.

    • Excellent hotlines - available 24/7 and generally free.
    • Competent and friendly contact partners who are continually trained and educated.
    • Extensive information and help provided on our websites.
    • Personal customer service, even for free internet services such as FreeMail, for which other providers generally provide no individual support.