Home.pl is a Webhosting Specialist from Poland

home.pl is member of the United Internet Group since 2015 and underpins as a high-growth company the market leadership in Poland.

The company was founded in 1997. With more than 1.1 million domains, home.pl is the clear market leader in the Polish webhosting market.

The core activities of home.pl are the provision of domains, hosting & VAS, as well as server solutions. The company’s products are operated from data centers in Warsaw and Piaseczno using colocation services.

In order to meet varying customer needs, home.pl has three major brands which target three different price segments: home.pl (high-price segment), AZ.pl and Premium.pl (medium- to low-price segment).

Home.pl has been a member of the United Internet Group since December 30, 2015.