Our applications and services for home users are pooled in the Consumer Applications segment.

Our offerings include a range of Personal Information Management applications (e-mail, to-do lists, appointments, addresses), and online storage (cloud), as well as domains, website solutions tailored to consumer needs, and office software.

We have successfully established ourselves in this market segment with GMX and WEB.DE, which have been the most widely used e-mail providers in Germany for many years now. Over time, we have expanded the two brands from pure e-mail service providers to complete command centers for the communication, information, and identity management needs of our users.

From e-mail service to command center for communication, information, and identity management

Our applications are nearly all developed in-house and operated at the Group’s own data centers. 

Services are offered as fee-based subscriptions (pay accounts) or in the form of ad-financed accounts (free accounts). These free accounts are monetized via classic – but increasingly also via data-driven – online advertising, which is marketed by United Internet Media.

GMX and WEB.DE are primarily active in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where they are among the leading players.

Since the acquisition of the US provider mail.com in late 2010, we have also been driving our international expansion in this segment. In addition to the USA, we target other countries, such as the UK, France, and Spain.