The Consumer Access segment comprises our landline-based broadband products as well as our mobile internet products for private users – including the respective applications, such as home networks, online storage, telephony, or IPTV

We offer our customers these internet access products as subscription contracts with fixed monthly fees (and variable, volume-based charges) and contractually fixed terms.

Broadband Connections

With our broadband products under the 1&1 brand (especially VDSL/vectoring and fiber-optic connections), we are one of Germany’s leading suppliers.

We use our own fiber-optic network (1&1 Versatel) and connect the “last mile” of VDSL/vectoring connections (FTTC = Fiber-to-the-Curb) mainly via the BNGs/Layer 2 infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom (or Layer 3 outside our own fiber-optic network). In the case of direct fiber-optic connections (FTTH = Fiber-to-the-Home), we connect the “last mile” via the FTTH home connections of leading city carriers and Deutsche Telekom. In the case of our business with ADSL connections (currently being phased out), we use further advance service providers.

Landline infrastructure for private customers

Mobile Internet

With our mobile internet products, we are the leading MVNO in Germany.

We are the only MBA MVNO in Germany with long-term rights to up to 30% of the used network capacity of Telefónica Germany, including their future technologies. 

In addition, we successfully participated in the 5G spectrum auction in 2019 and purchased two frequency blocks of 2 x 5 MHz in the 2 GHz band and five frequency blocks of 10 MHz in the 3.6 GHz band. By buying this spectrum, we laid the foundation for the development of our own powerful 5G network in order to also extend our added value in this market – as in our landline market. In February 2021, we decided to accept Telefónica Germany‘s offer – that was improved following review by the EU Commission – for national roaming. The conclusion of an agreement, which is expected by approx. mid-May 2021, would be a further important prerequisite for the planned rollout of our own network.

In addition to our privileged access to the Telefónica network, we also purchase standardized mobile advance services from Vodafone. 

These purchased network services are enhanced with end-user devices of major manufacturers, as well as self-developed applications and services in order to differentiate us from the competition.

With our main brand 1&1 and discount brands like yourfone and, we have achieved broad market coverage in the German mobile communications market.

Broad market coverage