Traditional values shape our corporate culture: a commitment to success, agility, solidity, fairness, openness, and accountability

Taking a balanced and sustainable approach to social and ecological activities is an indispensable element of United Internet’s corporate culture. This includes open and fair communication with our employees, business partners, shareholders, and the public – something which is also reflected in our conduct.

As a service company with millions of customers, United Internet’s impeccable behavior is vital for gaining and retaining the trust of its customers and business associates.

In order to guarantee uniform and exemplary behavior, the Management Board has developed ethical guidelines which apply to the major share of the company as a binding Code of Conduct. This Code contains management guidelines, encourages each employee to take responsibility for their own behavior, and provides them with suitable orientation to achieve this. It also specifies how the company understands its role and values, while serving as a model for the Management Board, senior executives, managers, and all employees.