Our committed, highly-skilled employees are the backbone of our Company's success

Being a fair, attractive employer enables us to attract talented staff to the Company and to retain them with us for the long term. To do this, we invest strategically in our teams’ training and education, and in open, transparent cooperation that is also reflected in our common system of values. We take diversity and equal opportunities extremely seriously, since they allow us to leverage potential ideas and innovations together as optimally as possible.

  • United in Diversity” is the motto under which we promote and live diversity at United Internet. Our numerous initiatives and programs are designed to enable us to use the opportunities offered by diversity together, overcome prejudices, and above all promote variety. We are convinced that only a workforce that mirrors the many different facets of society offers the best possible environment for creativity and productivity.

    By signing the Diversity Charter, United Internet underlines its commitment to promoting and living diversity in the working world.

  • One of our key tasks is to recognize and grow our employees’ and managers’ professional skills and individual strengths. We use our extensive professional development offering, plus targeted mentoring and coaching programs, for this.

  • Achieving a satisfactory work-life balance is not always easy. Partnering with pme Familienservice – an independent, external organization – allows us to offer our employees support when it comes to childcare, care for family members, or unexpected personal circumstances.

  • Internal sports and fitness courses and presentations on health-related topics are integral parts of our Occupational Health Management offering. We value our employees’ health and help promote it using initiatives such as the “JobRad” subsidized bicycle scheme.

  • Regular employee surveys enable us to gauge sentiment within the Company and to understand our employees’ needs even better.

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