United Internet for Unicef

We’re sharing our success and supporting UNICEF projects. Economic success secures our future – not only for the company and its employees. With our success we also want to help wherever aid is desperately needed.

We are more than happy to meet this obligation and to share our economic success with those who desperately need help. The United Internet for UNICEF Foundation obviously donates money – but more than this, it also gives us a purpose. We can use the specific skills of United Internet, our huge reach and specialist know-how in online communication and online marketing, to benefit good causes. The Foundation lets others share in our success in order to offer a future perspective for as many people as possible.

Our success creates lasting value for future generations

Our aim is to provide long-term support for development projects which secure better water provision, education and support for AIDS orphans. The Foundation aims to establish conditions fit for human beings in those places where they are desperately lacking: in the world’s poorest regions.

Over 121 million children around the world can neither read nor write – because their parents are simply too poor for school. And that in the age of the internet, a period in which humans have never had such cheap and easy access to so much information. We at United Internet see a particular challenge here: to give people the possibility to share in the technical and information revolution of the last few years. After all, information and education mean life – they help those in need to take action themselves, to decide themselves to live a free life and to escape poverty.

UNICEF projects are so successful in the long run because they involve the local population and give them the opportunity to take their lives into their own hands.

We want to support these efforts – and invite you to join us. Together we can create the one truly important thing for this world: a future for us all. Help shape the future together with us.

www.united-internet-for-unicef.de (available only in Germany)