What to look for in a website builder

Website builder benefits

By choosing to use a website builder you know that you can get your website up and running in no time – even if you have no prior experience or design talent at all. Website builders can be edited at any time from any computer, and come with a multitude of easy-to-use free applications, tools and libraries that can add professional-level functionality to your website. With easy maintenance at your fingertips, as well as a comparatively inexpensive price, a website builder can make hiring a developer a waste of your resources.

Finding the best website builder can be tricky however if you’ve never used one before. With so many different options on the market, how do you pick the best one for you or your business?

How to pick the best website builder

Ease of use

Whether you’re an amateur tech expert with a bunch of experience or a complete beginner who doesn’t know HTML from a hashtag, a website builder that’s easy to use is always beneficial. By employing simple drag-and-drop interfaces and responsive layouts, the web design process is faster, more encouraging, and can help you unleash the full potential of the web builder.

Themes and photos

A theme is a general template for the look, feel and functionality of your website. By having a large and varied number of quality themes that are customisable, you can ensure that your website stands out from the crowd and looks exactly how you want it to.

The best-looking websites can feature a range of excellent photos or images that can brighten up its appearance while helping illustrate the product or service that you may sell. This can be particularly useful if you don’t have access to a graphic designer. Downloading other people’s photos from the internet and using them on your website can lead prosecution by their owner. Choose a website builder that offers a large library of free, high-quality images.

SEO and marketing tools

Regardless of whether your website is intended for ecommerce, entertainment or education, making sure it’s optimised for search engines is very important. Thankfully, most website builders come equipped with a range of SEO tools designed to ensure that your website is seen by the world. Being able to dissect customer strategy, search for keywords to enrich your website copy, or save time and money on manual SEO audits, make included SEO tools something to watch out for when choosing a builder.


When choosing a website builder, a valuable feature to look out for is its security features. Malware scanning, secure servers and firewalls can ensure that your website is protected from the malicious hackers that lurk across the online world. As customers may entrust personal details to your website, visible signs like the green padlock symbol that come with an SSL certificate can improve confidence in the security of your website.


Websites are invariably crucial to the successful running of a business. An eCommerce website that isn’t working as it should can reduce healthy revenue to zero in a second, so being able to sort problems out quickly and efficiently is essential. When choosing a website builder, it’s a great idea to pick one that offers 24/7 customer service so that any issue is looked at immediately.

The cost of web design

By choosing a website builder to create your website rather than hiring a developer, you’ve likely saved a large amount of money already. However, when picking a particular website builder you should be aware that the price you see listed may not include everything that you think it does. Ensure that the website builder package that you choose doesn’t have costs that you are unaware of, such as premium templates, storage fees, a domain that you have to pay for, or maintenance charges.

You should remember that you wouldn’t actually own the website yourself, which means that an unreliable host could force you to do a costly migration at a later date. To avoid this, always pick a host that is both reputable and has been in business for a long time. Some website builders also offer a free trial period that allows you to cancel without costing you a penny. This is ideal if you are still unsure about using a website builder or think that there is a small chance that your business priorities may change.

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