Online customer ratings always under control: 1&1 List Local’s fresh look with new features

1&1 ( is expanding its online marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses with a recommendation and interaction feature. Businesses can now make it easier to get found online with “1&1 List Local”, and can also engage with their customers when they receive a rating or a comment about their business. This helps owners and managers to monitor their online reputation and actively promote their business through digital word-of-mouth.

Today, many consumers are looking online for information about companies, such as opening hours, contact details and reviews. Online customer ratings are an increasingly trusted information source for purchasing decisions, making it crucial for small and medium-sized businesses to understand how they are perceived by their customers. With the new 1&1 List Local feature, businesses can keep an eye on their social media and online directory pages, and stay organised within a single application. They will learn immediately when something is written about their business, and can respond directly to ratings and comments through the tool.

On the new overview page, 1&1 List Local users can now find everything bundled in one place: The activity livestream updates constantly with information such as changes to the company profile by third parties, as well as ratings and comments across multiple platforms. Users can also take advantage of the help feature for guidance on next steps to optimise online visibility, as well as frequent success reports that provide information on the current status of Google and Facebook visitor numbers. 1&1 List Local also allows users to plan and publish different posts on integrated social channels and listing networks.

Get found in the main online directories

With 1&1 List Local, small and medium-sized businesses can publish their contact information simultaneously on up to 26 social media channels, online directories, search engines, listings apps, and navigation systems. Integrated are platforms such as Google MyBusiness and Maps, Facebook, Instagram, navmii, Foursquare, Uber and guidelocal. Separate logins and tedious data maintenance on individual portals are a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, local vendors can increase their online presence and brand awareness and thus be successfully found on the web.

Overview of the new 1&1 List Local packages

1&1 List Local is now available in a new Basic and Pro versions: Included in both packages are 26directories plus navigation systems, a real-time activity stream, Google and Facebook performance reports, as well as a help tool that provides useful tips for online visibility optimisation. The Pro bundle also provides reputation monitoring and management to interact directly with customers, as well as the possibility to flexibly schedule news postings and distribute them via the directories and social media. The 1&1 List Local Pro package is available from £19.99 per month. The basic version, 1&1 List Local Basic is available from £9.99 per month. The minimum contract period is 12 months with a notice period of 30 days prior to the end of the contract. A monthly contract period is also possible. Detailed information about 1&1 List Local can be found here.

Further information about success on the internet can also be found in the 1&1 Digital Guide.