IONOS pushes for sustainability solutions, switches Lenexa Data Center to operate on wind energy

Lenexa, Ks, October 15, 2020 –  Beginning this month, IONOS, a leading cloud and web hosting provider, will run its data center in Lenexa, KS solely on wind energy supplied by Evergy. The company will also offset the carbon footprint of its headquarters in Chesterbrook, PA with renewable energy certificates, making the entirety of its U.S. operations green.

Since its opening in 2007, The Lenexa site has become IONOS’ largest data center worldwide, currently supporting more than 25,000 servers for web hosting and cloud customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, where it offsets its carbon footprint with renewable energy certificates and has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Green Power Partner.

“Our new partnership with Evergy is the next step in our strategy to become even more sustainable,” says IONOS CEO Achim Weiss. “In 2006, we began moving all our data centers and office sites to green energy sources. We use wind, hydroelectric or solar power wherever possible and buy renewable energy certificates for locations where those options don’t exist.“

The IONOS Lenexa data center has an annual power consumption of 13 gigawatt hours. IONOS employs the latest technologies for computer hardware and air conditioning to reduce overall power usage. Most servers are custom-built for the use in a cloud environment with highly efficient components.

Software virtualization adds another layer of efficiency to the infrastructure. In a virtualized cloud environment, multiple users can share hardware resources and such avoid idling of servers. With cloud technology, customers can dynamically choose the just performance they need at any given time.