How best to host your website

When you’re looking for the best way to power your online services, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. What you choose depends on what you’re aiming to use it for, and how quickly you want to do it. Read on to see which hosting product would suit you best.

For the people who move fast

If speed is what you’re aiming for, look no further than our Website Builder. Need to get your winning idea on the web? With a website builder, you can create an attractive website in minutes. Simply choose a theme, add content with pre-configured sections, and press publish – getting it done fast regardless of your web design experience.

If you know what you want your website to be, and need something powerful behind it, our Virtual Private Servers could be the answer. Equipped with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage, your server can be provisioned in as little as 55 seconds – so you’ll be ready to go almost immediately.

For the people that go all in

Looking for something with a bit more oomph? Perhaps your existing hosting plan just can’t handle your traffic. Upgrading to one of our Dedicated Servers will give you the power you need, ready for the new year. With the latest hardware and your own space in our UK data centres, you can count on top-notch performance to get you through the year.

Want to have more control over your dedicated resources? Add a Bare Metal server to your account through our CloudNX panel. You still get your own space, and no noisy neighbours to contend with, but you also get the advantages of a server hosted in the cloud. Our load-balancing technology ensures you always get the best performance possible.

For the people who like to be in control

It’s not always easy to predict what’s going to happen to your business. With our Cloud Servers, your hosting can change alongside your business. Launched a new sale? You can easily add resources to your plan to handle the extra traffic. And when things die down again, you can simply downscale your hosting. You’ll only pay for what you use, and you can cancel any time.

If you know you want something tailored to your needs, why not try a WordPress Hosting plan in the new year? Optimised for the platform that powers 35% of the web, our plans come with WordPress pre-installed and ready for you to configure – exactly how you like it. You can also customise your install with any third-party plugins you like.

For the people that have it all

If you’ve already treated yourself to the perfect hosting plan, you might be looking for something else to kickstart the new year. What about these?

Our Cloud Backup product is the perfect companion to our hosting plans, or any devices that are important to you. You can take customisable backups of servers, laptops or mobile devices as frequently as you like, and restore them instantly as needed.

You might also want to try our Listing Coach software. Although your business might be ready to go, it’s no use if your customers can't find it. With Listing Coach, you can have your business listed on over 20 well-known business listing platforms – from just one account. The tool can also help you get started with SEO to increase your business and website’s visibility.

Ready for the new year? Whether you're starting something new, or simply taking your business in a new direction, we hope you feel inspired and can make a more informed decision on your perfect hosting plan.