1&1 to launch Cloud Community

24/7 availability of expert advice provided by users and 1&1 experts

In order to support customers more than ever before, 1&1 (1and1.com), one of the leading web hosters worldwide, announces today the introduction of its very own cloud community. The 1&1 Cloud Community offers a platform for both current 1&1 customers and general users interested in cloud products who are looking for support and advice for their product. There, 1&1 experts share an extensive amount of knowledge with users in order to support and activate customers to share their knowledge as well. The platform provides the opportunity to get connected, exchange information and collaborate with other users and 1&1 product experts in order to solve challenges efficiently and at any time.

“Providing the 1&1 Cloud Community to our customers is the next step in our strategy to help users be successful on the web,” says Robert Hoffmann, CEO, 1&1 Internet SE. “We are excited to foster the interaction between our experts, who share their extensive knowledge, and experienced users on every question that occurs around our flagship product, the 1&1 Cloud Server.”

The 1&1 Cloud Community will mainly focus on recent topics such as Docker and security. In order to provide relevant and unique content, 1&1 will also work with partners. For example, experienced experts from Microsoft will provide a detailed series on the “Top Ten Security Rules for Microsoft Server 2012” which is completely off-the-shelf.

The 1&1 Cloud Community is separated in three parts:

  • Learn: This area offers an extensive base of know-how around the 1&1 cloud offering. Customers can find How-to’s and tutorials – both cover product-related and general questions that can occur while working with the innovative 1&1 Cloud Server. Users can comment on each of the articles in order to receive helpful tips from 1&1 experts and other users.
  • Develop: This section is targeted at very tech-savvy users by providing Software Development Kits (SDKs) in different programming languages. They are all available on GitHub including various helpful tools and libraries. Additionally, 1&1 provides the Docker Machine Driver as well as the 1&1 Cloud Server API documentation.
  • Ask: This part of the 1&1 Community encourages customers to share their thoughts and knowledge and discuss challenges and issues they’re facing with 1&1 experts and other users. Every 1&1 Cloud Server customer can easily login with the 1&1 account and find consultation and professional help anytime.

Learn more about the 1&1 Cloud Community at https://www.1and1.com/cloud-community