1&1 re-designs web hosting portfolio to increase performance

1&1 (www.1and1.com), the leading web hosting provider in Europe and one of the largest hosting providers worldwide, has further developed its already advanced web hosting portfolio giving customers the opportunity to flexibly scale the performance of their web project. This ensures a site’s availability and accessibility during periods of high traffic. 1&1 uses the latest hardware which provides significantly greater RAM per processor, new SSD storage for customers’ databases and optimized load balancing to significantly increase the capability and performance of its 1&1 Next Level Hosting services.

“Peak performance, security and utility are the most vital aspects of modern web hosting”, says Robert Hoffmann, CEO 1&1 Internet SE. “We created our Next Level Hosting by providing customers with everything they need to run a state-of-the-art website and to be digitally successful.”

Easy adaption of performance tiers

In order to provide customers with the fastest loading times, 1&1 features an optimized platform with HTTP/2, PHP 7.1 and SSD data bases. Additionally, multiple performance levels have been developed that can be flexibly scaled to at any time providing customers with  highest level of performance. These performance levels can be selected  via a dashboard in the 1&1 Control Panel where customers are shown easy to understand infographics, which summarize the recent performance of their web project. Depending on the level of traffic, the 1&1 Control Panel  will also recommend adjusting to an optimum performance level. Performance level management is designed to be easy to use. Even those who are technologically inexperienced are can easily adjust their web project’s performance in a few clicks. This enables users to quickly react to visitor growth caused by seasonal variations and also to further expand their website. Most importantly for many customers, they do not need to change their respective packages to modify performance tiers.

Within this flexible web hosting product, 1&1 offers three new packages which differ primarily in performance and storage space. They start with the Basic package (2.5 GB RAM, 100 GB storage space) for $0.99 per month. Here is an overview of the most important technical information in the three pre-configured packages:

Package Included performance level Web space Price/month
Basic Level 1

– 2,5 GB RAM
– 512 MB Memory (For approx. 300 processes per minute, equivalent to approx. 100 visitors)

100 GB $0.99
Unlimited Plus Level 2

– 6 GB RAM
– 640 MB Memory (For approx. 600 processes per minute, equivalent to approx. 200 visitors)

unlimited $4.99
Unlimited Pro (including 1&1 CDN[1] with Railgun[2] and 1&1 SiteLock[3] Basic) Level 3

– 9 GB RAM
– 640 MB Memory (For approx. 900 processes per minute, equivalent to approx. 300 visitors)

unlimited $9.99


The performance levels of the different packages can be scaled if required up to Level 5 (19 GB RAM, approx. 1,500 processes per minute) for $1.99/month per additional level.

The latest transfer technology for customer projects

The latest 1&1 web hosting service uses state-of-the-art technology. This is especially the case with the pioneering HTTP/2 protocol which deals with the increasing complexity of websites through the method of multiplexing. Furthermore, HTTP/2 enables faster loading times when using SSL certificates as well as a better Google search results ranking. That is why 1&1 provides its customers with a free SSL certificate. Apart from HTTP/2, 1&1 uses gzip for compressing website content, in order to also provide faster loading websites when accessing them via mobile devices. Furthermore, as one of the first web hosting providers, 1&1 offers PHP 7.0 as well as the latest version 7.1. Both feature OPcache, which reduces loading times and excels at supporting WordPress websites.


Further information regarding the latest in 1&1 web hosting is available here. If you want to know more about success on the internet, please visit the 1&1 Digital Guide.


[1] A Content Delivery Network (CDN) increases the security and performance of a website´s content

[2] Railgun enables up to 700 percent faster loading times through compressed data transfer

[3] SiteLock actively protects websites against malware, unauthorized access and other threads