New EU telecoms rules send important signal for more competition

  • New frequency allocations aimed at promoting competition
  • EU paves the way for national roaming

Montabaur, June 7, 2018. United Internet AG welcomes the compromise reached between the European Union’s institutions (Parliament, Council and Commission) to update the EU’s telecoms rules, which also regulate access to the radio frequency spectrum. They state that the national regulatory bodies should explicitly promote effective competition in the allocation of frequencies and avoid any distortion of competition. To this end, the authorities can stipulate various conditions – in particular the obligation to lease new networks to providers without their own frequencies as well as national roaming between mobile network operators.

“By reaching this agreement, Europe is clearly stating its intention to take on other regions with regard to securing digital location advantages for its citizens and businesses. And lively competition plays a key role in securing such benefits,” says the CEO of United Internet AG, Ralph Dommermuth. “The new rules are an important signal for the auctioning of 5G frequencies in Germany in the spring of 2019. The EU is paving the way for national roaming, without which no fourth network operator would be able to emerge in Germany. As a result, there will be more competition again in the future. This will benefit both businesses and consumers by fostering innovation and more attractive offerings. At the same, it will accelerate network expansion,” added Dommermuth. “After years of debate, the formal decision is now expected to be taken at EU level in the fall. The new rules should then be implemented as quickly as possible in Germany and applied for the first time when the 5G frequencies are auctioned.”