Ad-hoc Disclosure acc. to Art. 17 MAR: United Internet terminates share buyback program

Montabaur, September 13, 2021. By ad-hoc announcement of August 6, 2021, United Internet AG announced that it would launch a share buyback program in a volume of up to EUR 160 million. The program started in August 2021 and was to run no longer than until April 30, 2022. United Internet AG's Management Board resolved to prematurely terminate the share buyback program as of the end of September 13, 2021. Under the share buyback program, United Internet AG bought back, until September 10, 2021, a total of 514,972 shares at an average price of EUR 36.35 per share, corresponding to a total volume of EUR 18.7 million. United Internet AG thus currently holds a total of 7,284,109 treasury shares (representing approximately 3.75 % of the share capital with 194,000,000 shares).

Further details can be found under "Share Buyback".