The innovative, globally usable products of our powerful Internet Factory enable us to steadily expand our product range and target specific new customer groups. This puts us in an ideal position to exploit growth opportunities to the full.

Our business model as an ISP with self-developed products offers decisive benefits:

Broad product range, stable revenues and earnings

United Internet boasts a wide range of innovative internet products. Our customers sign subscription contracts with us based on fixed monthly fees. The contractual basis of our subscriptions secures stable sales and earnings. Our own in-house product development and marketing help us launch innovations faster than most competitors.

Strong brands

Our products are marketed via the brands 1&1 Drillisch, IONOS by 1&1, GMX, WEB.DE, united-domains, Fasthosts, Arsys, InterNetX, Sedo, affilinet and Sedo. This enables us to cover our markets while differentiating between varying target groups.

High depth of production

Wherever it makes good business sense, we cover the entire value chain - from the technological base to self-developed software products, effective sales and marketing and active customer support.

Internet Factory for tailored solutions

At the heart of our business model is our Internet Factory, where we apply the mechanisms of rationalized production. Our highly efficient development departments "manufacture" products which represent the backbone of the online business. Our Internet Factory enables us to extend our product lines almost at will, as well as to bundle them, scale them - and export them. This gives us a further success factor – international growth.

New customers enhance profitability

Economies of scale represent a further key concept for us. Every new customer enhances the profitability of our Internet Factory. Investments in our factory have been made and products developed in the form of web-based applications. Now it is a question of utilizing them as fully as possible. The greater the number of customers using products developed at our Internet Factory, the greater our profit will be.

Cross- and up-selling

With our existing contractual relationships with over 33% of all small companies and freelancers and over 50% of all e-mail users in Germany, as well as relationships with around 4 million customers abroad, United Internet is ideally positioned to exploit any new growth opportunities.

Targeted marketing

A further advantage is our targeted marketing. Every United Internet customer gets the exact product he or she needs. This is made possible by our established brands and exclusive sales channels.


And finally, the exportability of our products is a further trump card for us. The products from our Internet Factory can be used anywhere in the world and work on the same principle in Frankfurt as they do in London or New York.