By deciding to join our company, you are embarking on a new stage of your personal learning and development journey. We want to accompany you in your new working environment right from the start and support you in realizing your full potential, regardless of your entry position. With us, you always have the opportunity to contribute your personality, your expertise and your goals. Take the opportunity to work on exciting tasks and take on responsibility.  With us, many attractive development and career paths are open to you.

Your career options

There are many ways to start your career with us: You can start into your professional life as trainee, student or Junior. If you have already gained some years of professional experience, we offer you entry positions as Advanced, Senior, Expert or Leadership.

For your career development, we offer you a wide range of opportunities: Leadership career path and expert career path - in addition, there are specialist roles into which you can develop. In all areas and at every career level, we offer our employees various and innovative development programs, training courses, workshops and other learning formats, in digital formats also - because professional and personal development is essential in our dynamic business. We not only promote your specialist knowledge, but also your social, personal and methodological skills in order to strengthen your entrepreneurial thinking and actions at all levels. We are becoming more digital and diverse, and that requires a strong learning and leadership culture that is characterized by commitment and the assumption of responsibility.

Whether virtual or personal: cooperation is essential for us so that areas such as IT, marketing, sales and customer care interact smoothly and ultimately achieve the best possible results for our customers and employees.

Our development programs

Top performance can only be rendered by those who constantly commit themselves to further trainings. This is quite vital on such highly dynamic markets on which we operate as a tech company. That is why we invest a lot of energy in supporting talents and promoting careers. Our customized development programs pave the way to your goals.

  • Navigate

    The Navigate program is aimed at young colleagues at Junior or Advanced level with some initial work experience, high motivation and ready to perform. We support you in taking on more responsibility and facing new challenges in the medium or long term. We particularly promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting, and the ability to reflect and give feedback via a focused personal development.

  • MyWayTO

    MyWayTO prepares you for future leadership and strategic professional positions. The target group consist of employees who demonstrate their competence to move forward to their first leadership position, their first expert function or a lateral leadership role within the next 1-2 years.

  • Women explore

    Women explore is about increasing the visibility and the recognition of women with strong performance across the company, promoting the sharing of experience and enabling them to deal with the topic of career, their own strengths and competencies in a protected environment. In addition, participants develop measures to promote and study diversity as an organization.

  • Discovery & Development Camp

    Our senior-level employees have extensive expertise in all areas of the life cycle of our products. They take on strong professional responsibility in a wide variety of areas and make a significant contribution to the company's success. In addition, their extensive knowledge and experience make them important contacts for colleagues.

    The Discovery & Development Camp offers the opportunity to discover further hidden interests and potential as well as individual development paths. The goal of reflecting on and strengthening one's own positioning within United Internet is pursued through practical inputs and methods as well as exercises and reflection phases. The modular camp is supplemented by learning partnerships as well as pre- and post-transfer exercises.

  • (Lateral) Leadership Development

    Role model, sparring partner, mentor - our leaders give their employees orientation and point out development opportunities. This means you are going to play a decisive role in the development of our company. This is why we support our (lateral) leadership and our experts intensively and individually. Collaboration, team culture and openness are as much in our focus as responsible, entrepreneurial action, characterized by a high degree of results orientation and clear, measurable goals.

    With (Lateral) Leadership Development we provide new and experienced leaders with the necessary tools for their tasks. Our comprehensive onboarding gives you a good overview and prepares you optimally for your role. A large catalog of training courses is available for you to expand and build up your skills. Moreover, if required, external coaches or internal mentors will accompany your development in your leadership role.


Our networking opportunities for joint learning

To support your continuous development and the expansion of your competences beyond the development programmes, we offer you a wide range of different formats.

Our Lunch & Learn sessions and espresso training sessions bring interested parties together to share knowledge and network with colleagues. In-house speakers provide brief input on a wide range of topics, such as how to use various tools or non-violent communication. Afterwards, there is also space to try things out and discuss them.

At our annual internal conferences, which focus on Learning, Health & Diversity and Technology, Agile and Scrum, we invite internal and external speakers to give presentations on a wide range of topics. In order to deepen these conferences, a wide variety of initiatives have been formed on the above-mentioned key topics to promote internal networking within the company.

Our digital learning toolbox is available to all our employees to enable flexible learning on their own initiative. This offers various methods and exercises (e.g. bar camp, retrospectives, workshops) with which you can continuously develop yourself, your team or our organization.