1&1 Internet SE

Expert Agile Coach (m/f)

at subsidary 1&1 Internet SE in Karlsruhe
Reference Id: KA-JoRi-1804086


We are looking for a rockstar, to share their passion and talents with us as an Expert Agile Coach. You will take on a critical support function to build a new product organization. You will perform an essential role in guiding our cross-divisional and virtual teams to excel. With the full support of the executive leadership team, you will let your innovative agile mindset and proven organizational development strategies resonate through 1&1.

  • You bring in all your energy to build one Europe’s best tech company. You guide the organization through iterative, experimental change.
  • You nurture the agile mindset and our corporate culture by designing and implementing communication and dialog tools.
  • You satisfy your passion by building high performance squads on the work floor and scale agility up to the entire organization of 350 people across different locations.
  • You coach individuals and teams and consult the management team. You detect conflicts as well as success stories and you are all over the place to get things going.
  • Based on agile core principles, empowerment and a modern tech culture, you´re helping us transform what’s already good into great!

Your profile

What you bring to the table is experience in building and running agile organizations on a large scale, change management and organizational development. You´re deeply familiar with the agile mindset, methodologies and best practices so as with the “new work” movement.

  • You are well connected in agile and “new work” communities and never miss latest trends in the agile organizational development scenery.
  • You’ve played a key role in building large, scaling, agile organizations.
  • You´ve got proven experience in building strong consultative partnerships with diverse people across levels, functions, culture and geography.
  • You love to get your hands dirty, pragmatism is your second name.
  • The one thing you never ever do, is to break with one of your core values and beliefs and you’re one of those “topic first / personal interest second” type of nerds.
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These job offers are naturally open to both male and female candidates.


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