German IaaS Cloud for Enterprise and SMBs

Profitbricks is the German Cloud with a self-developed IaaS platform for companies, system integrators, and Managed Service Providers.


Cloud pioneer PROFITBRICKS was founded in berlin in 2010. The company employs a staff of 120  from more than 20 countries. PROFTBRICKS is the only IaaS cloud computung provider with an own code stack in Gemany and offers cloud solutions for SMBs and Enterprises. We operate 4 ISO certified data centers in Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Las Vegas, and New Jersey, serving customers in Europe and North America. 

With our Cloud - Made in Germany", PROFITBRICKS operates in accordance with German and European data protection regulations.

In close cooperation with experienced partners, we provide a stable platform for digitization as part of a mullti-cloud strategy.

On August 1, 2017, PROFITBRICKS became a full member of United Internet Group.